Forbidden Memories has been online since June 9, 2004, and was originally approved as the Pharaoh Atemu fanlisting. On August 31, 2005, it was cross-listed with the Yami Yuugi fanlisting ♥

The title is inspired from the 2001 Playstation game of the same name. I thought it was a fitting title for Atemu, since he is torn over having no memories of his past. Throughout the series, we follow him on his journey to collect the keys to his memories and find his true name.

Version 6 King of Games features both versions of Atemu - as the Duel Monsters champion and as the Pharaoh. The theme of this design is royalty so I went for cool and noble. It features illustrations that were newly drawn for the bunkouban reprint in 2007-2008, and I love this more mature style from Takahashi-sensei ♪


 (Series) Yuugiou Duel Monsters Character: Kaiba Seto Character: Kawai Shizuka Character: Kisara Relationship: Atemu & Anzu Relationship: Seto & Shizuka Yuugiou 5D's: Izayoi Aki Yuugiou 5D's: Yusei & Aki

Strawberry Fantasy: a Yuugiou Shrine In the Distance: Atemu & Anzu Shrine


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