Welcome to the fanlisting for Pharaoh Atemu / Yami no Yuugi, the fearless duelist with a mysterious past from the anime and manga series, Yuugiou (遊☆戯☆王 / Yu-Gi-Oh!), created by Takahashi Kazuki. His spirit was sealed in the Millennium Puzzle thousands of years ago and was reawakened in the body of Mutou Yuugi, the boy who solved the puzzle. His true identity is initially unknown, but he later learns that he was once a mighty Pharaoh of Egypt. The only way to recover his memories is to collect the three God Cards and the seven Millennium Items through the card game of Duel Monsters. The journey leads him to battle against fierce rivals, relive his days as the Pharaoh, and discover his true name with the help of his friends ☆


  • Last updated: July 03, 2024
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